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Toronto Traffic

In 2014, John Tory ran on the platform of addressing Toronto's traffic woes.

India has a better commute than Toronto with John Tory in charge
Under John Tory, traffic in India is better than Toronto.

A June 2018 Expert Market UK study found that Toronto's traffic is now the worst traffic in North America and 6th worst commute on the planet, better only than Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Istanbul and Salvador.

On June 27, John Tory had Toronto City Council approve another 22-million dollars to make our streets “narrower and slower” and to install more “speed bumps and cameras”.

Kris Langenfeld will repair and pave our roads, even if he has to do it himself

Our crumbling roads A patchwork of patches Resurfacing the roads Ridin’ on BigBoyzToys Play gettin’ stuff done Real workers actually do the job And our roads are safer to drive for another 10–20 years

A Toronto led by Kris Langenfeld will see a push for council to move forward with:

♦ repairing and resurfacing (i.e. paving) our dilapidated roads, and painting lines on them to help drivers navigate safely;

♦ restoring proper enforcement of our traffic laws upon all users of our highways: drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians — lawless roads are useless roads;

♦ improving road design to deal with today's realities of more pedestrians, cars, and cyclists, larger vehicles, and longer buses;

♦ fixing the ridiculous mismanagement by John Tory's administration of traffic and road construction in this city.

Better Bike Lanes

Let bicyclists enjoy quieter streets and residents enjoy quieter, slower, less dangerous vehicles

Where feasible, I will move bike lanes on to side streets, if necessary making one-way auto lanes and using opposing traffic lanes for cyclists where it's appropriate:

🚲 bicyclists will enjoy a quieter commute, away from the hazards and exhaust fumes of bumper-to-bumper gridlocked cars, trucks, and buses;

Let bicyclists enjoy quieter streets and residents enjoy quieter, slower, less dangerous vehicles

🚘 commuters will get home in a more reasonable timeframe;

👪 families living on side streets will be safer without the current GPS navigated motor vehicle traffic that uses residential streets, intended for local traffic, to bypass some fraction of the traffic congestion on the main arteries; and

🎕 the environment benefits from fewer hours of vehicles idling in gridlocked traffic.

Solve problems rather that dictating Torontonians' way of live

It is the extra ½ hour or more that Toronto drivers currently spend each day, fighting in gridlocked traffic for hours on end, weekday and weekend, that causes drivers to become so aggressive, to take chances, to do things that they would not do if traffic moved just a little more reasonably.

And it is the risky moves that drivers are making, combined with the flagrant ignorance of traffic laws by cyclists and pedestrians, and of course drivers, that led to traffic related deaths rising to record heights as over 100 cyclists and pedestrians have died in the last two years since John Tory pushed ahead with Keesmaat's ill-conceived multi-million dollar experiment — it is time to stop trading the lives of Torontonians to further the special interests of the anti-car lobby that has John Tory's ear and has Jennifer Keesmaat as it's chief cheerleader.

John Tory has gotten council to approve the money for photo radar, now he just has to get Doug Ford to make it legal again.  Of course Tory wants photo radar as it benefits him and his billionaire buddies; for Tory's crowd, that $30000 or $40000 ticket in the mail is less hassle and costs them less than your morning coffee, the equivalent of pennies from a middle-class bank account, meanwhile it represents a few days without food for those barely able to afford their car but nonetheless dependent upon it; meanwhile Tory's corporate bookkeepers do a bank transfer and Tory probably never even hears that his limo got the ticket.  ‘Go ahead, speed through the school zone, the bookkeeper knows to pay any government bills in the mail… and I've got an important meeting!’ 

Were a police officer there enforcing the Highway Traffic Act, drivers that repeatedly ignored the law would eventually lose the privilege of driving, due to accumulated demerit points; Tory knows that his gang's chauffeurs might not be willing to lose their licence to get the boss around quicker; but if all that happens is that the boss spends a little more of someone else's money, then why not speed.

Where speeding in school zones really is a prevalent problem, and I can say as a school bus driver that speeding is not typically one of the major safety hazards in school zones, but where speeding is a real concern, traffic ticket revenue (for speeding and all the other dangerous infractions photo-radar can't capture) could quickly cover the cost of having a police officer stationed right outside of local schools, ready to write up infractions and to immediately respond in case of emergencies. That also places police officers in a non-confrontation, less authoritative role, where school children & teens and the rest of the community can develop greater positive social interactions with officers, in an equally participatory engagement, where the potential of actual or perceived biases generating negative interactions are all but eliminated — an actual Win-Win-Win situation.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder if John Tory even drives in real life; one thing's for certain, John Tory doesn't navigate himself through the traffic nightmare he's created in this city for the rest of us.  If John was a driver, he'd understand that even just fixing a whole bunch of the countless small traffic problems would reduce the frustration of this city's commuters, he'd know that his total failure to do anything but increase traffic congestion by closing streets and eliminating lanes for traffic, while simultaneously doing nothing but talk about how he'd fix something if only he could get re-elected, leaves Torontonians looking for change in municipal leadership.  There is no doubt about the fact that John Tory has no idea how to fix traffic, no intention of fixing traffic, and he just hopes that enough people will accept that they're getting nowhere and vote for him anyway.


Over the winter months, after taking office in December, I will have roads prioritized based on importance to traffic flow/congestion relief and roadway deteriation level/drivability; that will be cross-referenced with the appropriate departments against infrastructure repair priorities, as described in my housing plan. Crews will begin working through those lists as soon as Spring 2019 weather permits.  The ambitious goal will be to repave every main Toronto roadway, that wasn't recently paved within the city's good state of road repair maintenance schedule/criteria, within the current council term.  If the city doesn't already adhere to such a schedule, I will push to establish and commit to a plan to maintain our roads in a state of good repair based on timeframes established by consultation with external parties & industry, the public, and staff, with consideration of best practices elsewhere in Canada and globally — presumably that means repaving roads within a 10 – 20 year window of the last repaving.

I will work with Toronto Transportation and contracted firms to ensure substantial improvements in minimizing the adverse effects of roadwork on traffic flow during the construction season. As a professional driver, I know much of what is wrong with our current streets and traffic planning; as a business/systems analyst, I know how to fix the problems; in consultation and co-operation with city staff and business, I will implement the changes necessary to improve the situation, for both our present and future needs.